Our mission is to strengthen the ability of voluntary and community organisations to serve their communities, and to promote the active participation of local residents in decisions which affect their lives.

Community Learning and Empowerment Network CIC (CLEN), was established in 2017 by experienced and passionate community development practitioners working together with one goal: to enable marginalised members of local communities to empower themselves and improve their lives.

We believe that vibrant and healthy communities need members who are able to engage fully in the decision making processes that have an impact on their lives. We also recognise the vital role that voluntary and community organisations (VCOs) play in supporting those on the margins of society to take control of their own lives and participate fully in the community.


This aim informs our capacity building services for VCOs - developing stronger and more sustainable grassroots organisations - and our work supporting local residents to develop self-advocacy and increase their participation in civic life.